XRP Price Prediction – 6 cryptocurrencies set to explode

As Bitcoin strives to range above the $20k resistance, Ethereum is trying to build momentum to scale above $1.3k, and other cryptocurrencies like Ripple are growing and consolidating at higher price points. As an investor or trader looking to find worthwhile coins to invest in or trade, we’ve made some top selections by analyzing the crypto market and identifying coins that have been pumping amidst the bear market.

Ripple Recovers – XRP Price History

Ripple (XRP) entered the month of February at $0.6, and the coin quickly gained momentum as the price continued to scale higher, but not for long. Every hope of XRP hitting $1 based on the uptrend was crushed as the crypto bear market plunged into its full strength in May. From its all-time high of $0.9 on March 28, XRP dipped to stabilize at around $0.3. The dip lasted six months, starting in April, after which XRP began to pump in September. The pump started right after the court made some favorable actions for Ripple, as the company has been battling a court case due to a lawsuit by the SEC. Since the news, XRP has risen to $0.54 and is currently trading at $0.47. However, XRP is not the only coin growing in the market. This article highlights 5 crypto coins that are pumping despite the crypto winter. Let’s dive in.

6 Coins Growing in the Crypto Market


Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new meme coin that’s rapidly making waves in the market. Since its listing on OKX, BitMart, and Uniswap, the coin has surged by 200%, and it’s still pumping high. In the last 24 hours, it’s risen by 120%! Seeing such an occurrence in this bear season is rare, and there’s a good reason there’s so much hype behind the project.

Tamadoge is set to revolutionize meme coins and blockchain gaming. Memecoins are known to be cryptocurrencies with no fundamental utility and are usually created for fun and hype. However, Tamadoge is developing a unique ecosystem that combines Play2Earn crypto games with a meme coin that has a fundamental utility.

In addition, the value of TAMA tokens is set to gain more boosts as the network completes its upcoming NFT release. The Tamadoge NFT doge pets are a core part of Tamadoge’s P2E dynamics, representing the gaming characters players will use to battle and compete against others.

A lot is going on in the Tamadoge ecosystem, so if you’re interested in new cryptocurrencies to buy with good long-term potential, consider TAMA. According to CoinMarketCap, Tamadoge is trading at $0.1683 with a suggested market cap of $149 million. The token is set to be listed on MEXC and LBank on October 5 and consequently on Binance. But for the moment, you can buy Tamadoge on OKX, BitMart, and Uniswap.

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If you’ve been following the crypto market, you’ll notice that most cryptocurrencies have lost more than half of what they were worth in January. Bitcoin is down to about $20k from $47k in January, and many others have dipped to about one-third of their worth year to date. However, Quant (QNT) is breaking these odds and is one of the best cryptocurrencies performing well in the Bear market.

Quant Network is a platform that provides a distributed ledger gateway for various businesses. And it’s outstanding in that it is the first to allow companies to connect their existing infrastructure to the blockchain without modifying the fundamental systems.

Quant Network is powered by its native token, QNT, which developers and enterprises use to purchase licenses and run a gateway, among other uses. The coin is ranked 35th on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $1.7 billion. QNT was trading above $180 at the beginning of the year but dipped to $45 in mid-June. However, Quant is one of the top crypto coins growing in the market as it has picked up momentum and is now trading at $142.             

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Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a new fantasy NFT game developed to provide players with a metaverse-based immersive gaming experience. Battle Infinity offers multiple products, including Battle Swap, where players can swap their IBAT tokens for other currencies and vice versa; the marketplace, where gamers can buy in-game assets,  games section, the IBAT Battle stake, where users can stake their tokens for more profits and the IBAT Premier League, the first of its kind in the decentralized blockchain gaming space.

IBAT has been on an adrenaline rush since its presale round, which was available for $0.0015. The presale was projected to take three months but ended in less than a month. Its staking protocol was launched recently to provide opportunities for investors to earn high yields through flexible and locked staking options. The staking protocol has gained rapid adoption, and over $4 million in IBAT tokens are staked.

IBAT is currently trading at about $$0.003 and is available on one of the biggest decentralized exchanges, Pancakeswap. You can also buy IBAT on LBank.

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Cryptocurrencies go through the circle of ups and downs, while the majority stay down for a long time; Chiliz (CHZ) is that one crypto coin that’ll be sure to break through and surge to new heights.

Chiliz started trading at the beginning of the year at about $0.3 -0.35; as the bear market kicked in, it lost a third of its value and was trading below $0.1. In the last three months, Chiliz has gained momentum; it reached $0.28 in September, is now trading at $0.22, and will likely shoot higher in the next few weeks.

Chiliz is the world’s leading blockchain fintech provider that aims to provide the platform and tools that sports and entertainment entities need to engage and monetize their fan base. It’s the creator of socios.com, a fan-based platform that allows fans to purchase branded fan tokens of the biggest and most popular sports teams. Every activity is powered by Chiliz blockchain and exchange. CHZ is a good buy if you’re looking for the best crypto to buy now. 

Lucky Block

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is a new NFT rewards game. It’s very incentive-driven, with top prizes being a Lamborghini car, a house, Bitcoin, and much more. The cool thing about Lucky Block for gamers is the variety of game categories available. In the array of competitions to play in, it wouldn’t take too long before you find something that interests you.

LBLOCK is the game’s native token, and it’s used as a reward for competition winners. Since its presale, LBLOCK has been listed on MEXC, Gate.io, LBank, and Pancakeswap. As an investor, LBLOCK is worth considering as it functions as a blockchain gaming platform and integrates NFTs into its ecosystem.

Although it’s down from its all-time high of $0.0096 in February to $0.000314, the coin has just been moved to its second version, and a monthly token burn is underway to preserve the token value. Lucky Block is still relatively new in the crypto industry, and the token is bound to perform better.

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Monero (XMR) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that ensures 100% anonymity. No one in the world can trace transactions done with Monero’s wallet, which is possible by the privacy technology behind XMR.

The coin is powered by Monero proof-of-work blockchain, ensuring the network is self-sustaining. Monero is one of the best go-to options for users who prefer to perform crypto transactions unnoticed. And that may explain why the coin has been performing better than most coins during this bear market.

Monero started the year at $250; by April, it was well over $275, and when the crypto market plunged in May, it dipped to $100. However, XMR has been on a steady rise and is one of the crypto coins showing bullish trends. At the time of writing, Monero is trading at $144 with a market cap of $2.6 billion.  


The bear market represents the part of a market’s cycle when asset prices are on a downtrend. The crypto bear market can feel like a stagnant experience for investors, but it need not be. There’ll always be outliers who thrive amidst the bear season; the tokens highlighted above are examples of such. Just like Ripple (XRP) is making a significant recovery and pumping in recent times, tokens like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block are also growing and showing signs of getting massive adoption. Ensure you do your own research and invest only what you can afford to risk.